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We will be driving down to Jacksonville today, so the site will be in the capable hands of Luke and Ryan to abuse as they please. If you have any suggestions as to things that should be filmed, documented, or otherwise noticed in Jacksonville, please let us know in the comments. Do not say the game, The Landing, or the smell. These are obvious and stupid, and if there is one thing we have covered 24/7, it is obvious and stupid.

ATTENTION THERE IS VIDEO OF DABO DANCING YOU MUST GIVE THIS UP. According to the full SI treatment of Clemson's 2011 model, Dabo Swinney celebrated the win over North Carolina by dancing to Boogie Shoes. Video of this has to exist, and it would probably make Mike Gundy's ass-dropping look like a casual warmup in comparison. We will pay literally tens of dollars for this video. Be in touch.

In case you forgot that SI can't crack out the awesome stick every now and then, there is also this:

With the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team and the majorettes, there are almost three uniformed supporters for every uniformed player, and that's not counting the dozens of male fans wearing nothing but purple and orange body paint north of their navels, with Tiger paws painted on their nipples. (For this and other liberties wars have been fought.)

YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT THEY WERE TOTALLY WORTH IT SUCK IT HITLER. [/cranks Lee Greenwood] /[puts body paint on nipples] The only video we can find under "Dabo Swinney dance" is this extremely uncomfortable Women's Clinic video which is just one plot turn away from turning into one of those "bachelorette party goes out of control!" videos we certainly do NOT watch on free adult video sites.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Superb as always, but really worth it for Wisconsin fans defying their very eyes to not see the ball across the goal line on the Hail Mary.

JOHN BRANTLEY IS BACK UNLESS HE'S NOT. John Brantley is "trending upward" in practice this week, though don't tell Robbie Andreu that because it's all mind games! Unless it's not, and Muschamp desperately wants to win this game with his only sort of competent and experienced quarterback, which would be the simplest explanation, and let's go with that because Will Muschamp ain't speaking no French and ain't readin' no books and just wants to football, dangit. 

GET MONEY KILL SHIT NO THAT'S NOT THE VERB. Minnesota doubles down on the potentially odd future and extends Jerry Kill's contract to seven years.

THEY'D BE WRECKING THE SWAC. Using Jeff Sagarin's cracked-out ratings to do anything is a kind of inspired lunacy, but when you are Boston College it's even more insane than usual. In a related note, the bottom of the Big Ten is just a basement flooded with tears, and then below that is Minnesota football. 

THE MOST NECESSARY GRAPHIC EVER. This is undoubtedly Brooks' finest graphical work, since we never would have found Paul Rhoads without it.