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TIGHT MOVES, BB. Paul Rhoads is just trying to stay a step ahead of the game, be down with the kids, and show you all the hidden beat to do your dubstep moves to, bb.

Compared to previous efforts to dance to dubstep, Paul Rhoads does very well.

CLIFF HARRIS CLEARLY BELONGS AT AN SEC SCHOOL. It is only a matter of which one at this point. Does his fondness for traffic violations mean he should be in Athens, toodling around downtown on an uninsured and unlicensed scooter through clearly marked "no right turn" signs? Or does his past admission to smoking marijuana qualify him for Florida status, and make him destined to spend a few years living in a foggy haze off Archer Road? A visit to the Cocktail Party could help sort this out, but please: for the moment, we'll do the driving, Cliff. One has to ease into these things.

YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE TO JOIN THE RANKS OF DESPOTS. The strange despots that rule the Big 12 reportedly have West Virginia in line for the Big 12 once Mizzou leaves for the SEC, thus renewing the natural rivalry between West Virginia and [NO ONE IN THE CONFERENCE.] The two things the school already has in common with the rest of the conference: a fondness for offense and reckless public displays of firearms. (Oh, and a shady predilection for kinglike leaders, if the bits about Joe Manchin are to be believed in Three and Out.)

YOUR REMAINING UNDEFEATEDS. Hey, the winner of the SEC East gets to face a team that they stand ALMOST NO STATISTICAL CHANCE OF BEATING. WHEEEEEE.

IN NEWS RELATED TO THIS VERY BOOK. We're working our way through it, but Les Miles telling Michigan he'd coach there if they waited until January after the 2007-08 national title game is just one of the weird bits in the book by John Bacon. The other prevailing impressions from the book thus far: Bill Stewart keeping Casteel was disastrous and like the most Bill Stewart thing to do ever, the coach at West Virginia faces some of the weirdest political currents ever, and Denard Robinson fucking rules.

OCCUPY EVERYTHING. Including UCLA athletics, evidently.

THIS WEEK IN OUTSTANDING GRAPHICS. This likely was Nick Saban's reaction to being ticketed, though the only way he's driving a Mini anywhere is to park it straight up a reporter's ass. The Nebraska/Michigan State poster is everything it should be (though the Juggalo angle would have worked just as well.) CuppyCup's Beverly Hillbililes homage is just about right, while this photo required no photoshop manipulation to be utterly hilarious and sad all at the same time.