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Everyone has that moment now and then where in which they attempt to appease the principle power broker in a given arrangement and it just goes horribly, horribly wrong. It might be in a work related capacity. It might be in a relationship. Heck, it might've happened to you this very morning. None the less, Gene Chizik went to have an early dinner affair with noted powder keg Les Miles this weekend and it went, well, about as well as seen above. Ol' Gene's just lucky Unkie Vern and married-into-the-family-but-occasionally-paid lip service Uncle-in-Law Gary intervened or god help him, it could've gotten really real.

Fearless leader passes on word that the Alphabetical will arrive in due time. Over a long enough timeline, you might even get two. From a regular person work day vantage, however, you'll get one in a couple of hours and you'll like it. This much we promise. This or your money back. Or at least dinner with Les Miles.