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Before you do anything, read this. No, read it. Right now. Seriously. Then see what's on the ol' agenda for tomorrow:

ORSON (THE A): Friday: Holgoooooo. Saturday: OK State Mizzou, Ark/Miss, GT at Miami, Auburn/LSU, start drinking, weeping, quick recovery sorrownap, Tenn/Alabama, USC/ND, AFTERBURNER DRINKING, Wisconsin/Mich State, Wash/Stanford, sign Pitbull to endorse my line of designer meth breath/energy strips.

LUKE (THE HOME OF GO-GO): Red Bull Friday Night (WVUUUUUU), Sat: Illinois/Purdue, Ok State/Mizzou, Arkansas/Ole Miss, Auburn/LSU, Nebraska/Minnesota, Penn State/NW, USC/ND, Tech/Oklahoma, Wisconsin/Sparty, New Mexico State/Hawaii as my Propofol.

RUN HOME JACK (CROOKLYN): Start off with a little UNC/Clemson, Oklahoma State/Mizzou, ease into Auburn/LSU, GT/Miami, power up for USC/Notre Dame, Wisconsin/Mich St, UDub/Stanford, and then pretend I can't find Oregon St/Wazzou and watch Romeo Must Die on G4.


Les Miles is fist bumping a dog. That dog will someday be the President of these United States of America.

Let this be your Holgo open thread and romper room to enlighten others as to your Saturday chicanery. Unclear what's on your horizon? This should more than do the trick.