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That Florida's love affair with Four Loko may still be lingering into the new year should come as no surprise to anyone. Old habits die hard. For all we know, Charlie himself might have picked up a taste for it. This would explain why he's sitting on a cooler all game long: that is his stash of Uva Berry Original he bought off a corrupt warehouse worker in South Bend, and you can take it and his Super Bowl rings off of his cold, dead hands.

Still, Roberson's suspension or team punishment or whatever Will Muschamp did is well-concealed old news. The new news is twofold, and certainly worth noting for two upcoming games (but with widely varying credibility.)  

First, the SEC has suspended Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart for a half for Vandy's game against Army. Vandy should be able to handle this much without incident, but he was not the only one suspended for his actions Saturday in an extremely chippy Georgia victory. Georgia nose tackle Kwame Geathers and DB Shawn Williams will both miss the first half of the Florida game due to SEC suspensions. Florida will respond by not scoring and punting a lot, because that is the plan this season, and as Erk Russell would say, "There is no backup plan"

Second, the internet is full of interesting and unverified things, and we would suggest you take caution. Les Miles has a teleconference scheduled for 6:15 p.m. tonight anyway. The harbinger of dodgy rumor is always "There is a press conference scheduled." It is to news rumors what "Whatnot" and "and such" are to rhetorical arguments: signs the person speaking may be completely full of shit, and what not and such.

UPDATE: LOL or not and whatnot. Stay tuned!