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Brantley: Hi, Doc. 

Doctor: Hello, John. So, let's get that air cast off and see how it looks.  Now, you haven't told anyone how it feels, right? No one who might use this information, for instance.

Brantley: Nope. Just my dad and coach, sir. 

Doctor: Good. And that other thing...

Brantley: ...

Doctor: I know what's happening. It's okay. Everyone's injuries are different. The body manifests things in a lot of different ways, John. You have my confidence.

Brantley: Well, everything's feeling better, but...yeah, it's still doing that thing.

Doctor: That's okay, John. We're going to figure this out together. Ready? We're going to get a look at it, and see how things are going, alright? One step at a time.

Brantley: Okay, doc. But I can't be responsible for what you see.

Doctor: I know, son. Let's just get this bandage off---


Anklo Vagabundo: ---mpphphmph AHHH! HOLA DOCTOR! QUE PASO!

Doctor: Well, the good news is that your range of motion appears to be intact. You could probably return to full practices on Monday, actually.  Any pain when I do this?

Brantley: No, doc. That's totally fine.

Doctor: The bad news is that face on your ankle is still speaking Spanish.


Anklo Vagabundo: ESE! TU COMPRENDES! AYUDAME POR FAVOR! Necesito un vaso de agua. Entonces yo como dos billetes de autobús a Phoenix. Mi tía Consuelo está ahí. Ella me debe de quince dólares, y me gustaría ver a Estados Unidos utilizar estos fondos. Su cooperación es apreciada!

Brantley: Well, darnit.

Doctor: Is it bothering you?

Brantley: I keep him wrapped up most of the time. Can't hear him under a sock or two with a bandage under it.

Doctor: Don't suspect you could.

Brantley: It kind of sucks in the shower though. I think he's askin' for stuff. He keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Something about Phoenix, I think.


Anklo Vagabundo: Si! Si! Phoenix! Ella me debe de quince dólares, y me gustaría ver a Estados Unidos utilizar estos fondos. Su cooperación es apreciada!

Doctor: I can't explain it, but you're gonna have to play with it.

Brantley: LIke, hearts or spades? It doesn't have hands.

Doctor: Football, John.

Brantley: Oh. Yeah. I can do that.


Anklo Vagabundo: Tengo el corazón de un vagabundo. Siempre he sido así.

Brantley: Ever seen this before?

Doctor: Well, between you and me? Ron Zook had a talking third nipple.

Brantley: Wow.

Doctor: You're telling me. He used to let it tell him when to go for two. I should mention that this nipple was really bad at math. 

Brantley: Well, duh.