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So where are you? You're on a football field. You just woke up and you're in... In a football stadium. There's your helmet. It's on your head. It feels like maybe it's the first time you've been here but... Perhaps you've been here before. This guy. He's... Here already.

"How you feeling?"

He appears to be a doctor of some kind. His bed side manner is reassuring so he can probably be trusted.

"Son, you doing alright?"

He's wearing a suit so he could be some kind of figure of authority. Maybe the head doctor? No. Perhaps some kind of used cars salesman? No, I'm in a football stadium. He must be an over dressed coach. Maybe the head coach.

"Son, you want to get on over to that sideline? We've gotta keep this thing going."

I'm delaying their ability to run the next play. I should probably get back out there, I've probably got another play to run. But I don't remember - I've got this condition. I have no short-term memory. I know all about myself, I just...

"What's it like? How are you feeling?"

"It's like waking. It's like you just woke up."

"That must suck."

"It's all backwards."

I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning. Even if I can't remember them.