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Your one stop shop for where the scribes behind the mild-to-moderate insanity will have their rear ends parked absorbing copious amounts of football this weekend:


WATCHING: Michigan/Michigan State, South Carolina/Miss State, Oklahoma State Texas, FL/Auburn, and AZST/Oregon.


WATCHING: Michigan/Michigan State, Baylor/Texas A&M, Ohio State/Illinois/The Infinite Sadness, LSU/Tennessee, Oklahoma State/Texas, Alabama/Ole Miss (LULZ), Clemson/Maryland, Arizona State/Oregon

RUN HOME JACK (Los Angeles)

WATCHING: Hawaii/San Jose St. (Tonight), Michigan/Michigan St, Baylor/TAMU, LSU/Tennessee, Oklahoma St/Texas, Florida/Auburn, KState/Tx Tech, Oregon/Arizona St*

*=Jack wanted to inform y'all that he will likely only be able to process bits and portions of these contests as he's in the City of Angels for his grandmother's 80th birthday party (HAPPY 80TH NANA JACK). He fully expects Auburn fans to mock him for this, but that's okay. Life expectancy is low in Alabama. So low, in fact, that most of its natives have no clue what a grandmother even is.


Andiambro is anywhere the wind blows.

If you hate yourself (or your company) enough to watch WAC-ball, this is your open thread. If you need a reminder on tomorrow's listings, bow to your purple deity.