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You may be thinking this very negative thought: oh, another Pac-12 blowout on a Thursday night. Au contraire, dear reader: this is a blowout involving Lane Kiffin, meaning random two-point conversions, terrible strategic decisions, a general lack of any consistency in said beatdown, and the customary DERPin' it up that accompanies all Kiffin productions.

For the second week in a row, we plan to bring you the finest in improvised audience chatter with #CRAIGTRAX, the audio track with Fearless Leader, Luke, EDSBS Unlicensed Attorney BBS, and a visit from our very special mystery guest. Remember, there will be long pauses, people struggling to find depth charts, and unhealthy diversions and speculation into the twisted love life of robot Jeff Tedford.

Time is 9:00 ET. We will go until the half, because this game should by all rights be over then.

Listen here.

Chat is here.