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Spurrier mad, y'all.

That is Steve Spurrier freezing out Ron Morris of The State in a press conference today, and showing you that the expert bitchcraft he honed at Florida did not die the instant he took Dan Snyder's poison paychecks. (His ability to orchestrate a downfield passing game consistently? Yes. The Bitchcraft? No) Spurrier refuses to do an interview with him in the room, and tells the TV people he'll do separate interviews with them, and now Ron Morris will just have to blog along with the rest of us. ENJOY MOMZ BASEMENTS, LOOSER.

Spurrier says the protest centers over a false accusation that he lured Bruce Ellington away from the basketball program, a claim from a column published "in the spring." We can't find that column, but what we can find is the following in column after column after column from Morris is him busting Spurrier's balls with a fierceness:


To be sure, Spurrier is typical of college football coaches who have been told time and again that the world of athletics revolves around their game. It is the reason fewer and fewer football coaches move into athletics administration.


USC was not so lucky against Auburn. Instead, the end of the game showed the USC offense to be disorganized, lacking in sound communication from the sideline and poorly coached.


Embarrassing that USC’s offense looks no better after four games than it did in the season-opening win against East Carolina. Spurrier and USC fans only can hope the offense takes a cue from the defense and finally gets its act together next week against Auburn.

That goes on for quite a while. Go back as far as you like, but this is not about a "gray area" in a column from the spring. This is Spurrier just hitting some breaking point with a reporter-turned-professional-troll and telling him to fuck off in front of everyone. It may be highly unprofessional, but Steve Spurrier is kind of Old Testament like that. Bring a crowbar, and he brings a sledgehammer to the fight.

He did this once before with Larry Guest of the Orlando Sentinel, who he called "a sad fat little man" and refused to engage all the way back in 1994. It is a shame Guest didn't have access to the internet, by the way, since according to Mike Bianchi he would sit in press conferences sometimes and raise his hand, knowing Spurrier wouldn't call on him, but also cognizant that he was TROLLING HIM IN REAL LIFE FACE TO FACE.

Oh, and Stephen Garcia has been kicked off the team in Columbia. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR DAY OFF.