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BOOM POW AH UH BURNING LOVE. So there's this bit of video in Les Miles' hour-long press conference (around the 41:30 mark) where Miles jokes about taunting in golf, and then mimics what this might look like, and for just an instant you see the Les Miles his players see, and not the dude constantly measuring out his words with "want to" and "fooo-pahs." We remain convinced he is like this 100% of the time behind the scenes.


We also don't like to think that Freek "added" the sideburns and Elvis Phoenix suit. They were "revealed," and were sort of there all along.

RIP, MIKE STOOPS. More on this in a bit, but Mike Stoops was indeed taken to a farm in the country where he could yell and scream to his heart's content. Bill addresses the question of whether Mike had entered Glenn Mason territory, while AZ Desert Swarm believes he had peaked as a coach. Either way, Greg Byrne is the AD who didn't hire him, and who fired him, and who will now begin the extremely difficult task of replacing someone who restored Arizona to respectability after the cataclysmic Mackovicking the program took. #RonP4AZ

GREETINGS COMRADES. Truffle Shuffle welcomes TCU into the Big 12, a move made formal last night in two ceremonies. The public ceremonies included Chuck Neinas formally welcoming the conference into the fold, and the informal featured the usual consumption of Deloss Dodds' blood from a golden chalice in the shape of Bevo's head. Meanwhile, Mizzou is just leaking documents left and right, and if you join the SEC that won't do because our blood oaths are both oath-y and bloody, sirs.

OH GOD NOT UCF NOOOO BIANCHI WILL NEVER STOP CROWING. The Big East's expansion candidates by the numbers, and really this is just an excuse to remind you that a vote for UCF is a vote to appease Mike Bianchi's heliocentrism regarding the Knights' football program.

EXCUSE ME THAT WAS FISH BAIT. Which is like exactly two degrees better than actual shit, but Texas Tech feels like the point needs to be made anyway.

THERE WILL BE SOME CHANGES MADE. Mike Gillislee will likely see more carries against Auburn this week, and considering how well everything else is working we may as well experiment with giving him all 60 snaps on offense and just see what happens. The knock on the hard-running Gillislee has always been his inability to protect in the pass-blocking scheme, but short of turning and pulling a gun on the QB we cannot imagine how he could make it any worse than what is already happening in said passing game.

BREAKING NEWS:  everything is the same re: our quarterbacks or lack thereof. 

THAT'S HOW TO REACT. And we thought we were despondent and irrational over our team's bellyflop in the furnace of the October schedule.

STILL MORE POWER RANKINGS. The Big Ten by the internet meme-y numbers.

THESE ARE ACTUALLY POSTER QUALITY. If art can kill a man, Jim Bollman of Ohio State is already dead.