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The Alphabetical for this week is up. We'll admit, it's mostly just pointing at Ohio State and LSU  and going "WHAT THE HELL," albeit in very different ways for each team. It's so much easier to write about failure, since we suspect, deep down, that failure and loss are the elemental basics of emotional reality, and that victory and gain are secondary emotions based the primary baseline of misery and sadness. NO, OUR EMOTIONAL STATE ISN'T BASED SOLELY ON OUR FOOTBALL TEAM ONLY MOSTLY.

The part we'll save for EDSBS is how bad Florida looked, and how "utter shit" hasn't hasn't crept into our minds since last year, and last year was like, utter shit in all directions, basically. There are reasons for this: the dearth of experience across the board, the fact of starting our third-string QB against what may be the two best teams in the nation back-to-back, a first year coach figuring out who can do what in new systems across the board. 

This doesn't make any of it any easier no matter how many times we type it, even if we know it's true. Like feeling the first few spins and uneasy burbles of the last drink too many going sideways down your stomach, there's acknowledging what's about to happen, and then there is the night spent on the floor of the bathroom riding out the mistakes you made hours ago. One is a factual assessment of circumstances as they are, and the other is cold, queasy reality.