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Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip: Fifteen minutes of fame with Jared Zabransky

This story also posted at One Bronco Nation Under God.

Boise State has become the storied program that it has because of fantastic athletes and great people. One of those people that has played an incredibly influential role in being part of Boise State's success is Jared Zabransky. Zabransky played quarterback and proved to be a handful for defenses with his great speed and accurate passing. Join me now after the jump as I break down my fifteen minutes of fame with Jared Zabransky.


Notice the tattoo on his right arm that looks astonishingly simliar to that of the "Zorro" mark

I must admit that I was really excited when Kevan asked me to do the Zabransky interview earlier this week. Jared never made it big in the NFL, and unless you live in Canada he isn't really famous. But Jared is one of my all time favorite players in BSU history. He played a crucial role in our 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma and became one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks in school history.

Jared is now living the high life in Canada as he approaches the last year of his contract in the CFL. According to him, the CFL is like the NFL of Canada. Well, I'm really glad that I don't live in Canada then. Let's jump into it and recap my questions, and Jared's unforgettable answers. And by unforgettable I mean extremely simple and ill-thought out.

Me: What are you up to now, Jared?

Jared: Well right now it's my offseason. So I'm at the training regiment again. Just ended my second season with Edmonton. Working out, and then I'll head back up for my last year of my contract with Edmonton.

And of course what he meant by this was: I hang out in Boise during the off-season because Canada is sooo lame. Eh.

Me: How is the CFL treating you?

Jared: Good. Great league. A lot of people view it as kind of a second chance leage. But the CFL is like the NFL of Canada. We get the first class treatment. It's really fun.

Me: What is your favorite CFL memory?

Jared: My first touchdown this year. We were at a crucial point against Toronto and I had a good run around the edge for a touchdown.


Me: Do you and Ryan Dinwiddie have a friendly rivalry?

Jared: Fairly, uh, fairly friendly. Both of us are strong competitors. Good friends on the field.

Me: What are your plans for after your playing career?

Jared: I'm going to try and get into broadcasting. Do some color analysis. Shoot for a coaching gig.

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. The WAC Sports Network may have found it's next commentator. Either that or Mark Johnson better watch his back. Also, Jared would like to analyze colors.

Me: Do you ever talk to Kellen Moore?

Jared: Yes. Whenever I can. He has helped me with my golf tournament here. Seen him around at a few events. Great kid. All about football. Nice to see.

Yes, Jared. And did I mention he punts? And catches touchdown passes?

Me: What advice would you give Kellen if you could?

Jared: Enjoy your time here while you have it. Look back and have a lot of fond memories from college. He is probably going to break every record set by a quarterback at Boise State and in NCAA history. Except of course the longest touchdown run by a quarterback, I'll always have that one. That one he won't break. Impressive kid, though.

Don't you make fun of Kellen, Jared. And thank you for making a joke. This interview really needed it.

Me: What do you think of Moore's Heisman chances?

Jared: As long as Cam Newton is still eligible, it goes to him. Kellen had a great year, but it is too hard to give it to someone other than Cam. That being said, Kellen is sgreat and next year he has a good a chance as any. If he continues what he is doing now he is going to end up with 120 TD's and 15 INT's. Great kid. 

Am I beginning to sense a man crush, Jared?

Me: What players on this year's team do you wish you could have played with?

Jared: Probably Kellen. Although we play the same position. What he bring to the team really makes him an MVP candidate. Exciting to watch him play. Pettis and Young are also really impressive.

Me: How do you feel about being such a big part of the legacy of Boise State?

Jared: Very flattering and humbling. To have your name tied in with that Fiesta Bowl and that game. It's an honor. Very fortunate to be remembered in such a fond way.

Me: Are you in favor of the BCS or a playoff?

Jared: I'd like to see a playoff system. College football could get it done. Some steps need to be taken first. Some money has to go in other directions and I'm not sure if the NCAA is ready for that yet.

Actually Jared, it's the BCS that isn't ready to see money go anywhere but their pockets. Oops - guess you know how I feel about it now too.

Me: Better Fiesta Bowl: 2007 or 2010?

Jared: 2007 definitely. If you look back at the magnitude of that game. For college football, it changed the landscape in it's entirety. One of the most important games in NCAA football history.

Couldn't agree more. Well said.

Me: Who looked better on the cover of NCAA Football: You or Tim Tebow?

Jared: Definitely me. C'mon, man. He has mud all over his face.

Tim_real_medium  vs    Z_real_medium

Not entirely sure that is mud. Looks more like a mixture of confetti and eye blacks to me.

Me: Do you have any new "Z" tattoos?

Jared: No. No. No new Z's. I'm done with that. Only one in the works is my wifes name somewhere on my body.

Well, Jared. I really hope that "somewhere" is visible with your clothes on. 

Me: Who do you think would win in a psychological mind war: Coach Pete or Yoda?

Jared: Coach Pete. Hands down.

That's for sure. Never doubt Pete. Yoda may be strong, but apprentice he is to the coach of the Broncos.

Me: What is your most memorable moment at Boise State?

Jared: 2007 Fiesta Bowl. No hesitation.

Me: Who do you think would win in a sprint: Titus Young or a cheetah?

Jared: Cheetah. But that kid is fast. Blazin'.

Yes. Blazin'.

Me: Who would be on your Boise State All-Star team? Two receivers, one RB, one QB, and two DB's.

Jared: Running back would be Jeff Carpenter. Didn't expect that one did you? Quarterback would be Kellen Moore. Receivers would be Legedu Naanee and Titus Young. DB's would be Kyle Wilson and Jerald Alexander. Uh, um, no. Actually, Kyle's a tough one. Gotta show some love to my former Broncos. Quintin Mikell and Chris Caar.

Jared - did you hurt your brain on that one? Would you like us to take a brief water break?

Me: Do you have anything you want to say to Bronco Nation?

Jared. No. Well, I guess I do have one thing. Stick behind the kids no matter what. A lot of people have been upset with the recent loss. But remember they are young men and they have done a lot we need to be proud of. Remember the good, not the bad.

Regardless of how much fun I may have poked when I wrote this article - because everyone knows if you're bigger than me I'll never do it to your face - I really like Jared Zabransky. I see a man who has taken what he has been given and worked hard to get the rest. He may not be in the NFL, or be a millionaire. In fact, when I told my mom that I was going to be doing an interview with Jared Zabransky this week, she said "isn't he that waiter from P.F. Changs?" Yes, mom. He is the waiter from P.F. Changs. Sigh. Also, when I told my wife I would be interviewing Jared for an article she replied with, "please don't embarass yourself." Nice to see the family support in the Peters household.

Bronco nation: join me now in thanking Jared for taking some time out of his day to sit down and share his thoughts on a few topics with us. He is one of the greatest players, in my opinion, in Boise State history and I feel privileged to have spent this time with him. Great luck in Canada, Jared. Eh.