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Why did you put that other woman in the shower with Danica Patrick? They're clearly uncomfortable with this, and thus deflating your expectations you brought in when the ad said "OH GO CLICK HERE IT'LL BE HOT." But noooo, now you're stuck in this awkward learning moment with Danica--when will you respect her for her driving?--and Cheryl, the actress. Yes, she has a name, dammit, but you wouldnt know that, would you Mr. "I was just looking for some quality web-hosting, and now I'm getting a lecture about the malevolent power of the male gaze," would you?

The Bowl is in its first year under this title and was formerly known as the GMAC Bowl. It takes place between Middle Tennessee State and Miami of Ohio in Mobile, and yeah, we did a podcast for it. Maybe you'd like to see IT naked in the shower against its will, too, huh? We bet you would, oppressor-pig-man.

Listen here, or in the player below.