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At EDSBS we understand that in life only three things last: memories, glory, and being subscribed to the Kohl's email list. Kohl's email administrators, we don't know how you got our address, or why you think we need to know about your deep discounts on menswear. When we find you, thought, we will tie to you a chair, hook you up to a car battery, and ask you to scream "unsubscribe" to make the pain stop. Then, we will ignore you and continue the electrical torture, because we love irony more than we love discount menswear. 

Therefore, rather than let the memories of the 2011 college football season fade, why not purchase a fragile, unsellable, and expensive reminder of all that happened this year in college football? Made only with the finest retrofitted Chinese porcelain, the EDSBS Mint presents The 2011 Franchione Series Of Fine Commemorative Plates. 

Through the craftsmanship and artistry of LSUFreek, you can forever remember the thrill of Auburn's national title run with this limited series production "The Newtoniana Purchase."


Who could forget the thrill of New Mexico's Mike Locksley and his landmark second win as a head coach? You won't be able to after you order "The Sequel," which may or may not contain near-fatal amounts of lead and other heavy metals?


The South Carolina Gamecocks achieved unheard-of heights this season with an SEC East title. Celebrate the grace and beauty of the Cocks' spiritual leader Stephen Garcia with the EDSBS Mint's special commemorative plate "Reina Garcia."


Of course, no collection would be complete without recalling those special moments that defied description. Where words fail art takes over, and with that we proudly introduce "The 11-8-18" in honor of the amazing ending to the Tennessee/LSU game and a tribute to Tennessee's bold but highly illegal defensive strategy in the redzone!



Order all four and you'll get the special THREVETH OF JULY PLATE to honor both America AND legendary LSU coach Les Miles!


Finally, if you call now we'll throw in this Bob Stoops commemorative coin AT NO COST WHATSOEVER BESIDES A $46.99 SHIPPING FEE.


Receive all of these memories for just $699.99! ACCEPTING THE PAYPALS OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY CALL NOW!!!