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CURIOUS INDEX, 1/27/2011

TAVON AUSTIN CAN PLAY FOOTBALL GOOD. Doug from WVU makes some of the best highlight reels devoted to individual players around, since not only does flossy visual effects but also breaks out the Kanye for Austin. (Kanye is the Johnnie Walker Black Label of highlight video soundtracks, if you didn't know.)


If you would care to turn yourself into the Genghis Khan of college fantasy football, lowering the temperature of your environment by fertilizing the earth with the blood of your foes, then you may want to pick him up since Holgo the Barbarian is coming to town, and he likes to get fast guys the ball in smart ways because that is how you score points. (It's amazing how many people don't know this HALLO JEFF MULLEN.)

HAWKEYE RHABDO PARTY CONTINUES. Players are still recovering, but a joyous sportswriting populace rejoiced at having something to write invective over, so let's not say that no one benefitted from this. (We'll have something coming up in a moment on this HA THANKS IOWA TRAINING STAFF.) Jacobi's got the most thoughtful bit on this yet, highlighting the incident in contrast to the other Iowa PR disasters of the late Ferentz era. Hinting that the players ended up in the hospital because they were out of shape or lazy probably wasn't a winning angle to take there, PR Ninja; neither was Ferentz not showing up to the presser. 

SHOULD RUTGERS RESTRICT TOM SAVAGE'S TRANSFER? No matter how you ask the question, the answer is the same: yes, if you're a dick, and no, if you're not.

WOOO RICH TASTY DATA.  College football may sleep, but Phil Steele never does, compiling and crunching and collating so you don't have to. Everyone's most likely to point out Auburn's seven returning starters, but on the eye-popping positive side get a gander at FSU (18), Texas A&M (19), and and Notre Dame (18). When the latter two come out as dark horses  later this spring, this will be why. (Also re: Notre Dame ECHOES ECHOES ECHOES.)

EDITING IS FUN. First, you say a coaching staff being rooted in the NFL like it's a good thing, and second, you might want to edit that Stan Drayton bit.