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COME TO PENN SCHTAAAAAATE. As recruiting season comes over us, let us feel the deep sadness that one can only feel when you watch Rich Rodriguez say "We're the winningest program in history!"

In retrospect, Tim Brewster sort of looks like he's about to be fired at any instant. Some people acquire that talent as they age, and some are just born with it. Brewster had it from birth, most likely.

THE WAC IS INTERESTED IN JUST MERGING WITH THE SUN BELT AND CREATING THE LONG-AWAITED WAC-BELT CONFERENCE. We've seen Utah State's equipment truck. it was parked outside the stadium in Boise, and resembled a converted horse trailer.  That mighty land yacht of athletic storage will head to the Mountain West Conference now, leaving the WAC to offer up its services to Texas as a less demanding slave league than its current Big 12 companions. ("All we want is enough to cover bills and some t-shirts. Please.")

IF HE MEANS HE HACKED AT IT WITH HIS LIFE-AXE OF PURE AWESOME, THEN YES, IT WAS HACKED. Will Hill said his Twitter feed was hacked, and this is true if hacked does not mean hacked, but instead means "done by me and then deleted when 'some blogger' posted the choice excerpts."

YOU HAVE OPTIONS, BILL STEWART. TWO OF THEM. Bill Stewart's options at the end were abundant, since he had all of two ways out of a contract negotiation after losing to Syracuse and Connecticut. Free advice for Dana Holgorsen: don't lose to Syracuse and UConn consecutively, because Mr. Luck apparently hates that shit.

AT LEAST NICK SABAN IS HONEST. From Andy Staples' piece on oversigning:


Give Saban credit. At least he tells recruits they might get cut to clear space for newer signees. When the Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Sun-News interviewed seven participants in the Offense-Defense Bowl about the topic of the one-year, renewable scholarship, only one, Alabama commitment Christion Jones, knew his scholarship had to be renewed annually. "Coach Saban told me it's a one-year scholarship you have to work for," Jones told the paper. "Some coaches don't tell some kids. Some kids have to find out the hard way."

Cybertyde would like to have a cordial meeting with you, son. No. You don't smell choloroform.