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FIRE AT WILL. This blog is going full blood traitor today. Fire at will, Ducks.

Auburn 2011, doing what was previously thought impossible: getting SEC fans to stop the "ESS-EEE-SEEE" cheer for once eerie moment. 

ANALYSIS IS IMPORTANT. And there is no shortage of it. Ask me to prove this side, your highness, and for a few florins I shall prove the contrary! Track 'Em Tigers  has a very sober list of things Auburn must do in this game, while Addicted To Quack leans heavily on special teams, a neglected piece of the puzzle tonight that could make or break either team (especially Cliff Harris' return talents.) The War Eagle Reader will have a running open thread throughout the day, while you can try to parse Dienhart's blind item coaches' analysis to figure out who is saying what about Auburn and Oregon. Doc Saturday emphasizes tempo, The Solid Verbal is running with the BCS Eve from just outside the Camelback's ladies' room, and you can just toss the analysis because DURRR ROOOLLL WAR TIGLE.

FREEK' S BEEN BUSY. The conversation between Miles and Michigan; the Orange Bowl and Harbaugh's departure summed up through Jim Harbaugh's natural coaching analog, Steve McQueen.

HALLO JANORIS JENKINS. Florida's defense just got about 34% better in theory with the return of Janoris Jenkins, who surprisingly announced that he was going to come back for his senior year today. No one from Florida has filed compliance paperwork for the NFL Draft. (Yay? Yay.)

THE GLORIOUS TEXAS COACHING SEARCH. Thujone continues to prove that everything is funnier with dicks.

ARE YOU IN SCOTTSDALE? Do you want to attempt to win two free tickets to the game? Come see Karlos Dansby and ourselves at the Upper Deck Bar and Grill in Scottsdale from 12-1 p.m. We'll ask him what his salary was at Auburn! It'll be fun! [PUNCH] [DEAD BLOGGER]