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Stadium loudness is a tricky thing, dependent on many variables. The stadium must first be built in a sound-friendly fashion, as Oregon's Autzen Stadium is. The steep concrete banks and closed ends turn a small but rabid crowd from WAC-sized cheering section into a horde of bees with megaphones capable of reaching 127 decibels of hatenoise. The same principles explain why Michigan stadium, hallowed though its gently sloped bleachers might be, doesn't generate the same noise. (Well, that and old people shaking keys who just grimly stare and likely think Denard Robinson is just out there hoolyfootin' and lollygaggin' around instead of handing the ball to the running back like he should.) 

The fans actually have to show up and care, too. This element is missing from Miami Hurricanes games, both because of their relatively small fanbase and their venue, Sun Life Stadium, the former Landshark/Pro Player/Joe Robbie stadium, a brightly colored multipurpose heap located nowhere near Miami's campus. It's a cavernous game environment, and a step down from even the decrepit Orange Bowl, a frying pan that randomly leaked sewage and rotting chunks of concrete and gave Miami's games an added edge of danger in being seconds away from falling down at any minute.

But hey, your stadium ain't shit anyway, Ohio State

The Horseshoe doesn’t come close to The Swamp in Gainesville or Neyland Stadium in Knoxville or a night game at LSU. Those places create a home-field advantage that makes a difference. In conference, Virginia Tech and Clemson are tougher places to play than The Horseshoe. FSU, for a Miami game, is too.

Nevermind that none of the players seemed to back this up, and in fact mentioned how "crazy" the environment in the 'Shoe could be. CONTENT. At least we have the decency to just admit it when we have nothing and just submit pictures of hand turkeys as a post.  We'd love to accuse the Big Ten in general of being just as sleepy and geriatric as many of its stadiums indeed are, but Penn State and Ohio State are both loud as Satan's pizza and beer farts, and just as noxious to play in as an opponent.* It's going to be hellaciously loud on Saturday night, and the old folks will just turn their hearing aids off if it bothers them too much. 

*Unless you're Iowa. UP TOP, BHGP