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The EDSBS Zoo Crew: will be orbiting the ATL metro area, covering the UNC-LSU "game" from the Georgia Dome in primetime. Other games on our radar for tomorrow:  Oregon State-TCU, Cincinnati-Fresno State, Colorado-Colorado State, Kentucky-Louisville, Purdue-Notre Dame, UCLA-KState, Washington-BYU and UConn-Michigan.

Marvin Austin: Will be chasing down players from opposing teams up and down the Eastern seabord and stuffing fistfuls of unmarked bills down their jerseys, because he was told to do something productive this weekend and lord knows that's not going to involve "playing football."

ATLiens and Tiger/Tarheelian fans in town for the CFA Classic: Will be meeting us in town for pregame carousing, if you'd like, at a location we have yet to determine but that will be announced on Twitter tomorrow. We think this makes this a "tweetup." We abhor ourselves for using that word. Follow is hyah, hyah, and hyah.

Viewers like you: Where y'all headed tomorrow? What will you be watching? Crucially, what will you be drinking? You know the drill: This is your Friday-night-until-GameDay-morn open thread. Have at it, and Barkevious Mingo bless you all.