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WHAT ROLE CHRIS RAINEY WILL BE SERVING FOR FLORIDA AGAINST ALABAMA. Oh, he won't be doing anything at all, nope. Just sending a few text messages to friends is all. (Click to animate if it's not working for you in frame.) 


Roll Bama Roll's historical retrospective is entirely inaccurate: we've never beaten Alabama, or stayed within thirty points of them in any game. NICE TRY, YOU CRAFTY SHARECROPPERS. Columnist: It's like a heavyweight fight, clash of the titans, cliche goes here, type column with my face while snoozing on keyboard. In injury news, Jeff Demps is out of his boot, Rainey will be on text message duty only, and offensive lineman James Wilson won't make the game because he has had some cartilage taken out of his knee, and that tends to be bad. #wedontstandachance #hashtagnationalchampionship

Meanwhile, Alabama will have recruits in attendance at the game to watch Alabama's victory by submission forfeit on Saturday. 

[to cha-cha beat: BLOGPOLL-BLOGPOLL-BLOG-POLL!]  This week's edition is up, and it hates Texas almost as much as Texas fans do this week. 

THE BIG EAST TARGETS TCU. Which makes all kinds of geographic sense, especially if the SEC targets U of Alaska-Anchorage, The Pac-10 goes after the University of Maine-Oromo, the ACC adds Kansas State, The Big 12 courts The Medical School of the Cayman Islands, and the C-USA just takes a crew of Cape Buffalo, puts uniforms on them, and lets them play as the most thrilling and offensively challenged team in all of college football. (Good size on line; terrible hands, since they don't have any.) 

MINNESOTA WILL HAVE TO BE CONTENT WITH NOT BEING MORALLY LOFTY. Tony Dungy is not going to coach at Minnesota, according to source Tony Dungy, who stated his moral approval of Coach Dungy deciding to honro his commitment to moral fingerwagging on television, and condemned others for suggesting he would in any way horn in on the sweet job Marc Trestman is lining up. Trestman is currently the coach of the Montreal Alouettes, and evidently loves being cold as fuck despite being a registered member of the Florida Bar. 

PROBABLY A GOOD MOVE IN LIGHT OF RECENT EVENTS. Georgia backs out of their future home and home with Oregon, showing that Wayne McGarity, new Georgia AD and longtime Florida employee, is already bring Gator scheduling to Athens. 

THAT IS A USEFUL PIECE OF TAILGATING EQUIPMENT. When we see these at Harvard/Yale, we'll know the chavs have one the great cultural battle of our time. 

YARRRRRRRR FENCE CLIMBING. The security at Kenan stadium:it's not good enough. (HT: WIll Brinson

I AM A MICHIGAN ALUM AND LIKE ALL PEOPLE WHO PREFACE SENTENCES THIS WAY I AM IN NO WAY COMPLETELY SOCIALLY INEPT. Student government: forever inane, but not as inane as the people who really, really care about it. BTW, it may trouble this gentleman to no end to think of Denard Robinson the chess piece as a queen, since they really can do anything when let loose on the chess board.