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We're leaning Miami-ward in this game, but never doubt the power of the Camaro-loving Wannstache. He can make a Camaro out of a giant catfish! Look, there's photographic proof of it and it is not photoshopped! Oh, the times they'll have together tearing ass out of the parking lot of a Night Ranger concert, just the coach and the turboCamarofish and the open road. No, this is not a metaphor for when the Buffalo Bills hire Dave Wannstedt and trade for Jonathan Crompton in 2011. But now that you mention it, it would complete the cycle of either the Buffalo Bills or Oakland Raiders combined hiring every living coach who has ever coached a game in the NFL, so it probably is just a matter of time.  

Wannstedt's replacement would naturally be Dick Jauron, because someone must always hire Dick Jauron every year no matter what happens in the rest of this crazy, mixed-up world of ours. 

The thread is yours.