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EDSBS Zoo Crew whereabouts and watchabouts:

SWINDLE: Knoxvull
Tennessee-Floridy EN VIVO
TVing: Cal-Nevada, Ark-UGA, Clemson-Auburn, Texas-Texas Tech, Iowa-Arizona.
DVRing: Michigan St.-Notre Dame, Nebraska-Washington, Houston-UCLA.

HOLLY: Knoxvull
WATCHING: Cal-Nevada, Tennessee-Floridy, Arkansas-Georgia, Maryland-West Virginia, USC-Minnesota, Baylor-TCU, Texas-Texas Tech, Houston-UCLA
DVRing: Nebraska-Washington, Alabama-Duke, Air Force-Oklahoma, Clemson-Auburn, Missy State-LSU


Johnny Majors: Holed up in a holler with his still, 15 pit bulls, a whole mess a booby traps, black powder, razor wire, punji sticks, and all the firepower you could ever care to tangle with, TBI. Come take this boilin' pot likker factory from his cold, dead hands.

This is your overnight open thread for the horrorshow slate tonight and GameDay tomorrow. Your television listings, coverage maps, and lines are after the jump. Snacks in the fridge. Denard Robinson in the backyard destroying slabs of concrete with his bare feet. Y'know, Friday night.

All times Central

11:00 Arkansas at Georgia
GA -2.5
11:00 Kent St. at Penn St.
PSU -21
11:00 Maryland at West Virginia
WVU -10
11:00 Ohio at Ohio St.
OSU -29
11:00 Iowa St. at Kansas St.
KSU -3.5
2:30 Florida at Tennessee
UF -14
2:30 Alabama at Duke BAMA -24
2:30 Arizona St. at Wisconsin1 WIS -12.5
2:30 Nebraska at Washington1
NEB -3
2:30 Washington St. at SMU
SMU -22.5
2:30 USC at Minnesota
USC -12
2:30 Air Force at Oklahoma
OU -17
3:30 Baylor at TCU
TCU -21.5
6:00 Clemson at Auburn
AUB -7
Mississippi St. at LSU
LSU -7.5
7:00 Notre Dame at Michigan St.2
MSU -3.5
7:00 Texas at Texas Tech2
TX -3
7:00 Boise St. at Wyoming
BSU -23.5
9:30 Iowa at Arizona
9:30 UNLV at Idaho
ID -6.5
9:30 Houston at UCLA
UH -4
10:15 Wake Forest at Stanford
STAN -17.5

1ABC Coverage Map
2 ABC Coverage Map


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