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The Nike Pro Combat Unis debuted this morning, and it proved again that Michael Irvin should be invited to every event ever for the remainder of his life, since he lovingly caressed the model's thighs in highlighting the fit of the pant (singular), openly lobbied for the University of Miami during the presentation and then joked about getting the NCAA up their ass while doing it, and then patted Fowler on the ass on the way out. Chuck Csuri also destroyed it by being a crusty old bastard who reminded you how we didn't live through the depression and the Battle of the Bulge, and it's all summarized here for your reading pleasure because WHO DOESN'T LOVE FASHION?

ANGRY FISTS (WITH RED CUP IN HAND): Ole Miss fans access their inner anger dog this morning in the wake of Jeremiah Masoli being told he could not immediately play at the University of Mississippi in 2010.  Mmm, layer cake: 

1. Delicious frosting of laughing at Houston Nutt. Really the thinnest layer of this story, but the one we're vengefully licking off our fingers. 

2. Fluffy yellow cake of NCAA's senseless transfer rules, which are arbitrarily enforced and nonsensically constructed. 

3. Cardboard cake platter which we accidentally ate in all the frenzy. Upside: fiber! 

MMMMM KILLING TIME EXQUISITELY: The SBNation Pac-10 preview is huge, and with a handy pop-up spreadsheet probably more than enough to kill a good thirty minutes of productive office time. If potentially productive minutes were tiny little animate soldiers, your office is one day away from being completely covered an inch-thick layer of brave warriors who lay down their lives so that you could read about football on the job. Do not take their sacrifice for granted. 

LOLBOB.  Bob Stoops nonsequitur, she goes with everything: 


DUDE PLEASE DON'T SIGN THAT. Fresno State and Nevada really, really don't want BYU to hurry into anything with the WAC, and are playing the part of everyone watching the last guy on the black jack table standing on 14 looking to hit with a dealer 5 showing.