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This will end badly, but that's just what happens if you do your West Coast trips right. Isn't that right, Tennessee? When you say, "Hey, maybe they canned Phil Fulmer prematurely!", just remember that he lost to Kevin Craft and Rick Neuheisel, and then accept history as having done precisely what it was supposed to do there.

The entire EDSBS crew except for Rick Muscles will be out in LA for the wedding of a fellow blogger, so content will be exactly what you see today since leaving Rick in charge of things would result in the single most disturbing day of material ever. (Not that we don't want you to experience this, but all in due time.)

If you require distraction in the meantime, we talked about absolutely nothing with Bethlehem Shoals on the Disciples of Clyde Podcast. We discuss nothing football-related, but there is appreciation of 1970s Turkish League basketball greats. Galatasaray, what!

Enjoy your Friday, internet people and scumbags.