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The great bands of college football are largely in the SWAC and MEAC, and this is beyond debate, since most large universities specialize in getting a large amount of people to all do the same thing while being loud. The FAMUs and NC A&T's of the world, however, do it all: dancing, playing, more dancing, more playing, some chanting, more playing, and then they group hump the field. Imagine the Ohio State band doing this, and then imagine at least half the heads in the stadium exploding. This really has nothing to do with how excellent a band like FAMU is, but is more about the outstanding visual of the tuba player dotting the 'i" in script Ohio, and then going horny Labrador on the turf. Picture it. It will ruin your morning in the best possible way. 

Anyway, the bands are also in preseason practice, and NC A&T is all about the people. If you want the number five song on iTunes in a marching band arrangement, they will give you the number five song on iTunes in a marching band arrangement. 

Antoine Dodson, your fifteen minutes have been superb minutes indeed. 

QUOTES TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT BUT GATOR OFFENSIVE LINEMAN MARCUS GILBERT IS A TENDER LOVER.  We read this yesterday, but then had to come back for this line

"I trust him a lot, especially with my backside," he said.

I'm just seeing Will Arnett and Chi McBride in Let's Go To Prison, with the two of them just staying in to drink toilet wine and think about how much they love the other. 

OH SO SECRET. Jim Delany and Tom Osborne met in a super-secret rural location to discuss the Big Ten's adoption of Nebraska, a place they said was far away from Big Ten and Big 12 country. You could have just said Auburn, but that would have given it all away. Did we ever tell you about the time we made a wrong turn out of Auburn after a night game? HAHAHAHAHA WE WON'T BECAUSE IT WAS HORRIBLE. We found a bus in the middle of nowhere, but got stuck there when the river got too high, and then we ate these berries that made us sick, and then realized how beautiful and carnivorous life was before the light faded and Eddie Vedder started singing--

Peter's Big 12 Preview soothes the pain and lingering trauma of that night somewhat. 

PLEASE CROSS YOUR FINGERS. @OleForty, aka Ole Miss's Kentrell Lockett, had a racing heartbeat in practice and was held out of practice while the standard diagnostics were run on him. Chris Rainey had a similar condition a few weeks ago and was cleared, so let's hope the same is true for Lockett, one of the funnier and more charming players in the SEC. 

LOLVOLS. It's a few years too late, but the WSJ laughing at Tennessee's infamous Orange Lambo photo is always notable and pleasing. BTW, if you need something that encompasses the Lane Kiffin era at Tennessee in its entirety, it is that photo. 

CFL GLORY STARTS NOW. The CFL's roster of starting quarterbacks just got 500% more beautiful