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Sorryche put this together by request from this video. Don't act like you didn't watch the whole thing, or that you aren't still watching it on a loop over, and over, and over again. When we wirte "GIGGITY" in reference to Houston Nutt, this is really what we're thinking of in terms of sound, just a reel of the maniacal laughter reeling in his head at all times. It's probably the noise he's making right now, as Jeremiah Masoli has not formally been cleared by the NCAA a mere 11 days before the start of the 2010 football season. GIGGITY.  

THIS REALLY IS ABOUT NOTHING NOW LET'S TELL YOU THAT HE'S SUSPENDED FOR TOTALLY DIFFERENT REASONS.  South Carolina TE Weslye Saunders hsa bene suspendde fro "violatiosn fo tema poliyc." Dammit. Apologies. The spelling can be contagious when it comes to his strange first name, but as aggravating as you may find it, it is not close to as aggravating as Steve Spurrier found the questions of the press regarding his supervague, indefinite suspension of the Gamecock closest to the ongoing Marvin Austin-centered NCAA investigation. 

When asked how long Saunders would be out, Spurrier said: "Y’all don’t listen to me. Weslye has suspended for a violation of team rules. His status will be determined at a later date. Now how else can I say that? OK? That’s all I’ve got to say about it."

HINT: When you hear y'all as the first word of a sentence in a Southern convo, you know you're about to get your ass chewed out good and proper. 

I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TAKING 2 MILLION FROM FSU TO DO NOTHING. Bobby Bowden was fired, not "retired" or "resigned" from his position at Florida State, and said he did not want to coach another year for $2 mil to just sit around and do nothing. Now, driving the program into the ground by keeping old boy assistants like Chuck Amato and his inept offensive coordinator of a son on the payroll for a net loss of far more than $2 million in terms of program prestige, lost bowl revenue, etc? He had no problem with that, now. 

AND UTAH STATE SHOULD JOIN THE NFC WEST. We scoff at the idea of BYU joining the Big 12, but Iowa State is currently a member of the Big 12, so yeah, anyone can belong, especially when fellow religious school Baylor is sitting there on year eleventythousand of their long-term rebuilding contract. (BYU is not is not even comparable to Baylor in terms of graduate programs and academic prestige, yes. They are also not comparable in football, but the other way around.) 

VINEGAR AND RED CLAY, YOU SAY? Warren Norman, Vandy's RB and pretty much their lone offensive threat, is getting an MRI on a knee because it's potentially injured, and because this is Vanderbilt and this is just the way things go. While he waits, he's packing the knee in red clay and vinegar, a solution his grandmother insists "draws the soreness out." /tussin'd 

YET MORE SHIT NICK SABAN DOES NOT IN FACT HAVE TIME FOR. Saban will not attend the premiere of a movie about Saban, since he's too busy doing football stuff, and when the day comes when he attends movie premieres instead of coaching HE'LL JUST GO UP TO THE LAKE AND WATCH THE DUCKS SHIT IN THE YARD. 

GO BULSL. We'll take ten of these, please