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The glorious thing about capitalism is the ability to make lemonade from lemons. Oil spill? Au contraire: we see it as an opportunity to employ the fine lawyers, environmental consultants, and advertising agencies of our nation in a time of economic need. Three-car fatal car crash? No, no: it's a tow company's meal ticket, an EMT's moment to cash in, a scrapyard's dream, and a mortuary's big day. Sentimental it's not, but efficient? Certainly

Thus did Idaho continue to push the last sweet juice from the lemon of being called "nasty and inebriated" by Boise State's president in the Bronco's epic fail of pimp class last week. The Corner Club in Moscow, Idaho is selling t-shirts for $20 a pop with this on the front, and we may have to place our own order just to salute the championship move of embracing your opponents' worst assessments of you as compliment. 


Super choice of font there, as well. Boise may own them on the field, but the PR battle clearly leans towards Robb Akey's sex-making mustache. (HT: The good Doctor.)