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The alligator belongs there, since he just blew past an immobile Buckeye right tackle, but questions remain. Can one really stiffarm an alligator in the mouth? If so, is it really a good idea? Is Terrelle Pryor really huge, or is that just a bonsai cactus? Is Pryor about to step into the Hoover Dam? If so, will Jim Tressel unleash his secret offense, the Bausermanbone, on the world at last, ending the charade that he likes have a dual-threat quarterback with talent who keeps him from punting and waiting for the other team to screw up? Is that a bipedal, two-legged elephant? If so, will you see this in your most nightmarish dreams tonight? When you do, will it be singing "Too Close" by NeXt? Will you then finally realize it is a song about boners, and then wake up with yet another unfulfillable sexual fetish? Is the white horse of death riding behind the cattle? Is this a Will Muschamp metaphor? Do you think of Will Muschamp as a white horse of death, or more of  the Cantankerous Profanity Mule of Certain Mutilation? Do you hate money and being right? Are you going to call Ohio State losing to Illinois and bet the mortgage on it? Do you think Terrelle Pryor is too big here? Do you think Michigan should have been misspelled intentionally on the poster? Will this make Terrelle Pryor's ego unmanageably large? Will Jim Tressel be asked about this painting at his next press conference? Will his answer last six minutes and say nothing? 

(Via SBNation and the Dispatch. Van Monroe's site is here. Don't try to buy the Thriller shoes, since we just did.)