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GOLF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROLL TIDE. Mark Ingram can bounce a golf ball, which we cannot do, and can hit the ball straight up in the air with any club, something we can totally do. 

In response, Clay Travis will later write that this is the most overrated golf trick ever made. (HT: Guyism)

100 COMPLETELY RANDOM THINGS ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2010. This took a bit longer than we thought, but once you get to 72 you really have to keep pushing since 87 is an odd number, the caffeine dragon must be fed, and because you can break a single Joe Schad joke into three separate entries to pad the numbers.  Did we make sure not to type "Ben Vereen" when we meant "Shane Vereen?" Did we in fact check this three times, and then go back for a fourth to find that we had in fact typed the name of Will Smith's biological father on The Fresh Prince? Does this have the same disturbing answer as the question "Does Ben Vereen have little nubbly dreadbraids now?" YES TO ALL OF THESE. 

PERHAPS YOU'D LIKE TO MEET MY FRIEND CYBERTYDE. Nick Saban was serious about his threat, as he has reduced pro scouts' access to practices in the wake of The Great Tainting of 2010.  Saban takes the Taint so seriously he has met it head on, and punched it away from his program with the authority a real leader shows. Additionally, it's right at his level height-wise, so it's an ideal strategy for him. 

FISHING VESTS, NCAA, ARE A FASHION ACCESSORY. The next thing you know the NCAA will be saying you can't miss a week of practice for bear season (which, fortunately, is way out of football practice range in West Virginia.) If they start saying you can't shave down half your beard for buck season, though, then it's time for war. 

OH HOT MAC-TION. An entire blog devoted to the MAC? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT EXISTS

GO TO PHOTO 31. There you will see photographic evidence of incoming Florida safety Matt Elam's perfectly evolved spearing head, which is elongated like a bullet for better striking power and damage infliction. 

RIP, PIZZA BOWL. Now the race is on for a new sponsor that can top the KRAFT FIGHT HUNGER BOWL in Birmingham.