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Hey guys, isn't this crazy we wonder where LeBron is going to end up and we heard that---


(Via the brilliant FilmDrunk.)

You probably don't want to partake in ESPN's enabling of a narcissist tonight, so join us for EDSBS Live, returning after a long absence to help Peter and ours truly announce our commitment to various teams. LIkely suspects are everywhere! 


  • Team "Adult who plays Red Dead Redemption until two in the morning on a work night." 
  • Team Vodka 
  • Team Will Hill Concussions Are Bad But We Love Them When He Makes Them 
  • Team I Knocked Up Rachel Dratch What Are You Going To Do About it? 
  • Team Squat Racks For Children


The drama is killing us, so tune in tonight for the festivities at 9:00 p.m. so you don't have to watch the My Sweet Sixteen: Lebron Edition. Click here for the show, or follow along with the player below.

Live chat during the show is here.

Listen to internet radio with EDSBS Live on Blog Talk Radio


Talk to you then. *FART NOISE*