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LET'S SETTLE THE UGA ACCOUNT. Damon Evans was the AD, and if we're going to give Fulmer Cup points to coaches, we must extend the same courtesy to the AD, as well.

(Note: the limit on these concentric circles of points-giving has to have some logic, so if your trainer gets arrested for DUI, the points will be discretionary at best if awarded at all. The Evans case is, by any measure, a special one.) 

Evans was charged with DUI and grandly so, and thus acquires three points instantly. In addition, he gets a bonus point for style since he was pulled over with a woman who was not Mrs. Evans and had said woman's red panties in his lap. The whereabouts of said panties remains unknown, but there are theories. 


Combine Evans' DUI and associated sketchiness with backup corner Jordan Love's one point obstruction of justice arrest, and we're looking at five points total for Georgia in the Fulmer Cup. 

ANTHONY ODEN DISGRACES HIS GRANDFATHER. Anthony Oden, grandson of Greg Oden, stands 6'8", weighs 330 pounds, and was somehow only a two star recruit. He is either slow, or has a wooden leg. These are the only possible explanations for this low rating, though attention to detail doesn't seem to be a strength, either: Oden forgot his license and was charged with careless driving in Fayetteville on July 4th, shaming his 82 year old NBA player of a grandfather and earning Arkansas two points in the Fulmer Cup.