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To get this out of the way: Yes, this was a moderate letdown after the Robbie Caldwell Hayride Hour.

•  "We may win it this year." HEY I THINK SO TOO. Seriously. Sakerlina over Arkansas in the Dome this December. I will not get off this pony until the Hawgs lose to UTEP.
•  "I don't think we've had but one player arrested in two years, and those charges were dropped."
•  Twice, he mentions being beaten "soundly" by UConn in the Bowl. Visible, audible teeth grinding.
•  "Until we prove that we can play on a consistent basis, we've just got hope." Fearless Leader fights back tears and reaches for his harmonica.
•  "Should be a heck of a game, our opener against Southern Miss."
•  "Players are getting arrested for things that in the old days they did NOT get arrested for. ... They would not go into the tank that night." Simpler times.
•  Giving the turkey insemination talk a run for its money: "Hopefully soon we can get over those seven wins and get up in there." Caliente!
•  A guy across the room beats me to a Garcia question, and asks it WAY nicer than I was going to (my plan: "Coach, has Stephen Garcia matured, at all?"). Reply: "He should play pretty well." Beat.  "If he's the quarterback."
•  That said: "Stephen is our starter."
•  THAT said: "We got another guy." And, "We'll let it play out." Oh, bother.

•  Some jagoff from the Red & Black asks if he's worried about losing his title as most quotable coach. Spurrier graciously refrains from throttling him: "No, I'm not worried about that at all. ...  I don't think I've won enough games lately to make outlandish quotes."
•  "I never thought I'd get a bigger bonus for our guys graduating than I did for the bowl game."
•  "I think I have a pretty good relationship with Stephen...I left him alone this sumer. And I left him alone this spring, pretty much. Let him go play." Stephen Garcia operates on a bungee leash at at all times, like a rambunctious toddler at the mall. 
•  "I''m not critical of him. He may be playing the best he can. I don't know." SPURRIER TOTALLY LOVES GARCIA AS THOUGH HE WERE HIS OWN SON AND JUST DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT. /ilovemydeadgayquarterback'd
•  On the Cocks' oft-beleagured O-line: "More juniors and seniors than we've ever had. I read that in the paper. I think it's true."
•  It actually took many minutes for him to get asked about his golf game.
•  Asked who his greatest rival has been: "Oh, I've really not paid a lot of attention to that. ... Some coaches I like a little better than others, obviously."
•  And, to the tiresome point we knew this had to get to, "The former Tennessee coach, I didn't really pay a lot of attention." I sit on my hands to refrain from asking him about his winless record against El Kiffykins.
•  Asked about his care with this year's ballot after last year's ballot kerfluffle: "Well, I had Jevan Snead No. 1. Somebody told me he wasn't playing this year!"
•  "ALL RIGHT GOOD TO BE HERE SEE YA." I swear, I almost wish for the OBC of old at times like this, even though that involved a lot of making bitchmeat out of my precious alma mater. Let bangs, and not whimpers, be the order of the day once more.