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For the record, the 2010 Media Days Head Coach LustrousTan Leaderboard reads as follows, with half the coaches yet to appear:

1.  Saban
2.  Richt
3.  Meyer

For a guy who IS GOING TO BE FIRED ANY MINUTE HAVE YOU HEARD IT WAS ON FINEBAUM [mdwm], Richt is the chillest of bros. He looks perfectly at ease, and gets broken in easy with a kiss-ass first question from an outlet that's projected the Dawgs to win the division. Richt: "What's your name? Dave? I like you, Dave."

•  We nearly drop the mic asking him about the transition to the 3-4 under Grantham. Richt graciously chides, "I see you," which we are taking as a rap shoutout. The actual answer is surprisingly free of pablum: After the initial "What position am I gonna play?" shock, Richt says the players are actually stacking up pretty well, personnel-wise. Depth outside is a concern, and there will be young guys aplenty on the line, and Richard Samuel, bless his heart, has been moved from running back to OLB to ILB.
•  Regarding young master Murray (paraphrased; this was a long one): Adjusting well, amenable to being managed, the team is rallying around him and he's not abusing that trust.
•  No agent questions; University's requested that we hold off while they figure out where on earth this AJ Green thing came from.

•  On Drew Butler:  a "tremendous weapon with nothing to prove." Predicts  Butler's average will drop in 2010, because last year, "When he was punting, there was a whole lotta grass in front of him."
•  Saddened by the Evans situation. Says it hasn't affected their prep (and there's really no reason why it should).
•  Mild, Richt-y comedy, i: Incurs admonishing looks from SEC reps in the room when he attempts to choose for himself who answers the next question. "I guess I'm not in charge."
•  Mild, Richt-y comedy, ii: "I don't do good with three-part questions."
•  This is the shortest in-and-out we've seen so far. 18 minutes and Richt's in the wind. AJ Green takes the mic, and comports himself as the ideal Richt player: Pleasant, confident, unobtrusive. Game by game, don't count us out, working hard, etc. Guess for yourselves whether he gets asked about South Beach anyway. Deftly declined, and we're hunkering down for Vanderbilt.