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We head to Birmingham tonight to settle in for the three day ruckusness of SEC Media Days, an event so large and insanely intense it requires the full attention of ESPN, who will be broadcasting live from the Wynfrey for the first time in earnest. We shall appear in the background in an Athletic Bilbao jersey dry-humping something (probably the standee of Golden Flake potato chips.) 

You may be watching to see a coach, or players, or even just to taste the mad, pork-scented fervor, but we all know what you're really going to be watching/listening/following Twitter for: Rogers Redding's hot sexy officiating overview. Oh, don't deny it. The minute the Bald Baller walks in the room the panties drop, and you couldn't block his shine if you were wearing lead shades, man. 

SB Nation will feature the serious-type stuff, while Holly will be manning EDSBS with assistance/hindrance from ours truly. We'll also try to break Twitter, so if you see the Fail Whale you'll know it's our fault on both the EDSBS feed and the SB Nation feed. See you tomorrow from mall, where only the Mexican lady working the register at the Chick-Fil-A knows Nick Saban's private sorrows.