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Points that should be assumed about the Damon Evans DUI arrest, but must be stated so as not to later be dredged up later as overlooked. We didn't know what to put as a picture, but instead included one of our defaults: Gary Busey saying the word "butthorn" and shooting people. 

This actually is a big deal. Georgia's one of* the most profitable football program in the nation, and the man overseeing it just potentially ended his career there on the first day of his new contract with a disastrous personal mistake. There's football implications outside of the juicy tabloid element, and they should be noted. 

Isn't there anything else going on? Unless you count USC quietly letting Todd McNair drift out the door, no. Nothing is going on whatsoever.

He could survive as athletic director. Depending on who's in the car, mind you, and the continued patronage of Michael Adams, the University President who hired Evans to be a more dependable and dependent AD than Vince Dooley (who, though too polite to do so, would probably throw a lit cigar onto a kiddie pool of gasoline containing Adams in a consequence-free universe.) That Evans did a very good job in his time at AD and kept Georgia's finances in the more financially salubrious choice between red and black is a strong piece of evidence in his defense.  

There will be a press conference. Around 6 p.m. EDT, allegedly. 

This actually has real implications football-wise. In two dimensions: Richt-wise, and schedule-wise. If RIcht has another year that ends with grumbling fans, it could end up in the hands of a new AD, and this is never good for a coach's long-term prospects. [INSERT STANDARD TROPE OF "RICHT IS FINE AND THIS IS NONSENSE BUT WHO SAYS IT WON'T BE SENSE IN A YEAR.]  

Point being: changing ADs ain't good for coaches. Ever. 

Second, Evans has been highly aggressive in scheduling real live road games and out-of-conference matchups for Georgia, something that even through the haze of rivalry we laud as exceptional among SEC teams. If Evans stays, Georgia will continue to play the kind of schedule men admire, children respect, and ladies feel in their pants. If not, then potentially we see a downshift in their scheduling valor if the successor thinks differently. The difference would be a net loss for the SEC as a whole since some people haven't stepped up in his department EYEBALLING YOU FOLEY.

*Corrected from the original "most" after we used some busted-ass 2008 Forbes numbers. YOU DIE AND GO TO HELL FORBES.