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AHHH, FRIENDSHIP. The pledges wish to dispute these charges of indecent behavior, Dean Wormer. 

Chip Brown does look fetching in that dress, but the hat has to go. Way too Jackie O for his frame. (HT: Rock M Nation

LEW PERKINS WILL CHARGE YOU FOUR MILLION DOLLARS TO LEAVE YOUR CAR IN DRIVE AND WATCH IT HIT THE BACK OF THE GARAGE. Kansas has quite an awesome management dynamic going on here, but no, despite Lew Perkins' insinuation last week that the Big Ten might have invited them, the chancellor came out yesterday, said no they hadn't, and that she's really, really like it if Nebraska didn't break up their happy home and run off with that hussy from Chicago. Perkins would have briefed her sooner on the Big 12 meetings, but you know, grand jury testimony blah blah blah blah blah. 

OPERATION SHAKE THAT BEAR:  Baylor remains firmly committed to the Big 12, who had to check their mailing list to remind themselves that yes, Baylor was a member of the conference. Unless they're not. But they are. But if you're asking, then we're totally happy where we are, until we're not. The Texas Legislature is going to turn this into one big game of Shake That Bear (From The Big 12 South Secession,) and it will have results as pretty as the namesake video. 

NOTRE DAME: STILL NOT GOING ANYWHERE. From Baptists to Catholics messing around with football: Notre Dame ain't going anywhere, according to Jack Swarbrick, who like everyone else involved in this won't say anything until checks are in hand and worlds are already handily realigned. 

CANCER MAKES YOU PREPPY.  There's worse things cancer can do to you, so if the worst thing that happens to Mark Herzlich is that he wears khakis and no longer has a mohawk, he's doing very, very well on the grand scoreboard of life. 

EXTRACURRICULARS: Waxing lofty on the World Cup and its beauty, and further discussions on people's morbid fear of direct sentences spoken face-to-face