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New Dreams. Blue Angels with Van Halen and the F18 Honets - The best home videos are here


Your world turns orange and white

No blue chips in an empty room

Your team starts fallin' down

Better change your tune

Yeah, you reach for the golden ring

Go seven and FIIIVE!!!!

Derek, just spread your wings


You'll punt higher and higher

Straight up they'll climb

You'll punt higher and higher

Field position tiiiiiime...


Run, run, run the ball

Cause you know ain't got the pass

On the scoreboard left behind

'Cause your team is asssssss

Standin' with perfect hair

Never lose your part! 


Well Derek sends special teams...


To punt HIIIIGHer and HIIIIGHer

Straight up they'll climb

You'll punt higher and higher

From your own ten yard liiiiiiine...


This latest Tennessean punter is a Colquitt and there's nothing you can do to convince us that this is not another one plucked from the synth-vats producing them somewhere outside of Montecito, California. In a quasi-related note, the video for Dreams is the most inspirational shit ever, and makes us want to comfort a dyed blond in acid-wash, open a successful chain of car washes, and roar off into the sunset on a jet-ski sunburned and holding a beer in each hand.