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Jim Harbaugh, high on ibogaine and horse tranquilizers again


Then I asked Kairos, "Where you goin'?" and he said "Arby's!" and I said, "That's CRAZY let's ride!" Then we rode a giant snake named Lacey all the way to an Arby's in the sky and got some curly fries with horsey sauce. I don't even know what's in the stuff, so I asked Kairos and he said "I'll show you," and then he squirted some into my hand when I touched it it melted my hand, and Lacey the giant snake ate my melted hand and I was like, "Whoa, chica, give back Captain Comeback's hand," and she was like "THIS TRAIN ONLY MAKES STOPS FOR LOCAL STATIONS AND CUPCAKE LORDS" in a voice that sounded like the Dog Whisperer's, which is funny because I don't even watch that show regularly and she was a lady-snake but whatever, hand-eating lady snake-god with a Mexican dog man's voice.