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It may be common practice to disrespect the virulent dislike of teams not in major rivalries--"HAHAHA, It's so cute that you pretend to hate each other, BYU and Utah!"--but in this case, we really believe that Utah fans actually legitimately do hate BYU, and that BYU fans hate Utah fans, though they'd never use a nasty word like "hate." They'd sub something "dislike" or some other half-stepping equivocation, and then we'd get angry and start cursing, and that's why we don't live in a place where people are polite or "nice," because by comparison you seem very nice when you only use the word "fuckstick," and not really baroque variations of such profanity. 

We're sure deep in their milk-fueled hearts, though, the Mormons at BYU hate Utah, since the game is one of the nastier (if quietly so) rivalries in college football for sheer fan antipathy, and is fueled by the real tinder behind any live-fire rivalry: a genuine difference in the way of life endorsed by the fans of the teams involved. Thus this kiss-off video set to the Jeffersons' theme is doubly entertaining since a.) they really are, in one respect, leaving BYU behind for something more profitable, and b.) because you now he truly means it.   

(That said, BYU can just post this, because the Utes' mascot's head really does look like a helium tank topper from hell's nightmare reel.)