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We swear this will be the last post on expansion before we let it roll over the memory horizon and into oblivion. We do, however, reserve to right to unearth this discussion when the Big 12 Backstabathon continues, which it should sometime in the distant future. (Est: November 2010.) (Or next week.) (Because they all hate each other now.) 

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott doesn't know shit about college football, and that's probably a net gain for those hoping for enlivenment from above. Over the past few weeks you've come to know and possibly love/despise/disdain the men who rule college football, either directly (as Jim Delany does) as dictators, or at the bidding of the governed as a kind of regent or majordomo who flexes with the consent of his powerful constituents. (See: Mike Slive in some degree, Dan Beebe in a bumbling, "I just set the curtains on fire oh shit" kind of way.) 

Larry Scott has to find where he falls on the spectrum from dictator to flunky, but in going huge and suggesting a six team conference shift, he's clearly leaning towards zany dictatorial, and that's nothing but pleasing for us, especially since as SEC fans we can't be hit by any of the missiles he's tossing around over there on the Left Coast. The Kim Jong-Il mode may be one way to go if he drives the Pac-10 into the ground, but that's pending. 

In the meantime, Larry Scott, you're the Let's Paint, Exercise, and Blend Drinks guy: doing it all at once whether it makes sense or not, and taking your calls. 

Let's just go through that wormhole and imagine Deloss Dodds, Dan Beebe, and Jim Delany calling him impersonating Mexican gang members in LA and harassing him on-air, and let that keep us warm for a few precious hours of offseason cold.