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The cat is Baylor, according to Holly. 

Very influential people have spoken, tearful goodbyes have been revoked and replaced with reluctant reconciliation, and with the promise of an insanely long and possibly fictional television deal with Fox and a promise to change nothing at all, the Big 12 (minus two) stays together and halts the transformation of college football into megaconferences across the board. 

The alleged tv deal just screams Scientology Billion Year Contract Desperation/Lunacy: 

Sources said the proposed Big 12 deal with Fox, which would take effect in the 2012-13 school year, would last for 18 years _ well beyond the typical stretch for a TV rights deal. As part of the deal, league teams would be allowed to create their own television networks to boost revenues, which is a wrinkle that intrigues Texas officials.

Entrenched interests united with the potential re-entry of Fox into the college football market to protect the Big 10, meaning Peter was right all along, and no one was moving unless their current position relative to their gravity changed to an unstable and unsustainable position. 

HOWEVA: It is difficult to disagree with the assumption that because of the carryover of existing revenue structures, the conference did just acquire a terminal disease that will eventually kill it. The comparisons to the SWC aren't point-for-point, but they are there: an initial departure of teams, the further tilting of the conference's competitive balance to one or two teams, and zero loyalty to the conference's long-term prospects. The next five years will be exit plans being built all around, and when pressure remounts within the conference, it will be the same rotten log that got kicked over for a few thrilling weeks here. 

DON'T LET IT STOP YOU FROM GLOATING, HOWEVER. You'd probably just quietly back away if you'd just almost had your conference shot out from underneath you, but Dan Beebe thinks since he's just bought Texas their own showpony of a league, he can adopt some cowpoke braggadocio

"I grew up in Pac-10 territory and although there are outstanding institutions in the conference, the facilities and fair-weather fans are a disappointment. I suggest that the fan support for their regular-season games and championships, and the accompanying image that projects, should be carefully examined."

So just put him over there in the "Jim Delany School Of Public Insecurity" now and be done with him. 

FURTHER DISCUSSION: We were on the excellent Solid Verbal last night,and discussed all of this, and how Dan Beebe is just running a pyramid scheme. 

THIS WAS THE PREMISE OF A DISTURBING JORGE LUIS BORGES STORY: Nick Stephens,using soccer to access the infinite mind, man.