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REEEEEEEEEEMIX. Sadly, Rutgers Al has placed a private status on his Youtube ode to Savon Huggins. in happier news: some of us saved it as an mp3, and may have spent way too long doing a shitty remix of it. DROP THAT BEAT. 


THANKS FOR PLAYING. CB Adrian Bushell had signs of Eventually Transferable Player Syndrome written all over him: academic issues, a lackluster spring, off-field issues, and an inability to bump up the depth chart. The diagnosis: yup, he's got it, and will be pursuing his endeavors elsewhere

I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU GREAT STUFF REALLY GREAT STUFF. The Pac-10, which Larry Scott calls "a modern conference," wants to be on the cutting edge, and has thus hired Hollywood powerhouse agency CAA to represent the conference. It really wants to get into writing eventually, sure, but in the meantime there's this spot on Viking Quest they're doing, and yeah it's SyFy but the checks don't bounce. Anything to get your name on IMDB, man. (Actual news-ish content: part of CAA's mandate from Scott is the creation of a network for the conference a la the Big Ten Network. Additionally: only partial nude scenes done from the back, and no frontal until the third film of the deal.) 

DERP DERP DA DERPITY DERP DOO. Lane Kiffin's mic'd up, and just made us want to take the entire film, delete the audio, and replace it with this. Derp Derpin does need your help, and not just in persuading promising incubating fetuses to come to USC: he currently trails Heather Mitts in Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive voting, a circumstance that cannot stand in a decent world. Vote early and vote often. 

HOW MANY COMMENTS DOES IT TAKE UNTIL SOMEONE DOESN'T GET A STATED PARODY? On this superb send-up of an odious Lebron James commentary, that number is seven. 

RANDY SHANNON HAS THE LADIES TALKING. If you're going to announce a contract extension, do it like the Seventh Floor Blog does. As Blutarsky points out, if you want to succeed in life just find out what Craig James says you should do, and then do the opposite. On a related note, we bet you a hundred dollars that in a five minute meeting we can get Craig James to invest thousands of dollars in a Tri-Force powered gold farming operation with no discernible business plan and only a piece of paper with "MONEY=SUCCESS=YOU" written on it.