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if he weren't from New Jersey, Notre Dame TE Michael Ragone would, you know, still be from New Jersey. 


Pulled over for speeding on the Indiana Toll Road this past weekend, officers fought through a surrounding bubble of thumping techno beats and cologne to find Ragone pumping his fist wildly to the music. After granting officers permission to search his 2008 Dodge Charger (yup), Ragone applied self-tanner and did crunches on the shoulder until officers found two baggies of marijuana in the car and arrested him for misdemeanor possession along with his passenger, who was a girl but don't mind her, they're just hangin' out and stuff. You wanna get my number, you can get my number, girl. You can't tie down a panther, baby. He's gotta roam. He then posted bail and went and did back and shoulders at the gym. 

For the misdemeanor charge and the excuse to empty the Jersey Shore cliche closet, we award ND two points for misdemeanor weed charges plus rhetorical negligence enabling. Remember that a full 70% of Florida's 2006 national title team smoked chiba, so wake (and bake) up those echoes, because championships are right around the corner.