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MAKE SOME NOISE IF YOU GIVE A SHIT. It's Wednesday, and you woke up gripping your pillow tight, but only in the mellowest, smoothest way imaginable. Crabcore hop at :21!

Ah, yeah. That's the music for the morning daiquiri. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one. Who still drinks daiquiris? WE DO. It's like an Icee with a party in it. 

On to the express variation of the Curious Index, brought to you from the lovely Nashville airport. 

MEME-Y MEME MEME. If Boise State beats Virginia Tech, then no one's going to give them credit because VT is an ACC school, the major conference currently most on the outs with the BCS in terms of quality input IF you don't count the Zombie Big East, which we don't. (It's dead, but the fingernails are still growing.)  So get ahead of this emerging offseason meme, yes, but also realize that there's a thousand counters, including Andy Staples' Third Way suggestion of "Yes, BCS=evil, but Boise sort of eventually gets a chance at the championship kinda hey thx BCS may I have another." 

THIS IS AMERICA'S SPORT DAMMIT. Givens to be acknowledged: college basketball is more popular than one might think, yes, gets the coasts involved, brackets get stupid non-sports people involved like big games of Keno. All that is given. Now that we've done that, there's not a good goddamn reason why the BCS Title game shouldn't be pulling more eyeballs than it is now. This is America's sport, dammit. We stole it from England fair and square, and then added a bunch of pads and helmets and awesome. 

YET ANOTHER REASON TO GO TO A 3-3-5. You're psychic, you're Greg Robinson, and you knew you were going to lose a lineman who contributed in 12 games last year to the Awfully Combustible Ligament injury. Note: if Greg Robinson is psychic, we are Samoan. 

[LAPTOP JOKE] Cam Newton could be the starter at Auburn, and so could three other guys who can pass the ball. When Cam Newton throws for 400 yards on Florida in the SEC Championship Game, quote this back at us! We'll take it like a pro! 

/throws bucket of piss eight months from now at you

SERIOUSLY Y'ALL IT COULD HAPPEN. The Sentinel really, really likes this UCF to the Big East rumor, as in dog-clinging-to-steak-bone-stuck-in-garbage-truck-bumper likes. 

SO PASSES ANOTHER VICTIM OF CHARLIE WEIS. Demetrius Jones, former Notre Dame qb, then linebacker, then transfer to Cincinnati, is gone at Cincy, thus ending the long trail down from Jones infamous start against Georgia Tech in the 2007 opener and the stupidest bit of major college gameday planning ever: Charlie Weis' "InstaFlexBone" spread option nightmare. We've never, ever seen a stupider call ever, and probably never will.