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We don't give enough salutes, plaudits, and general huzzahs to the sport of hockey, a game with all the necessaries: violence, speed, a hard surface to smash faces and teeth on, flying projectiles, men with sticks, toothless angry men with sticks, a community-wide disdain for "pain" or "going to the hospital." Eric Belanger pulled out one of his own teeth last week and then re-entered the game. Hockey kind of rules like that, and Eric Belanger is a fucking manny-manly-man. 

Thus our Mustache Wednesday Mustache Of The Week must come from the NHL in honor of the playoffs. Ladies and gentlemen, George Parros, Anaheim Duck and charter member of the Anarchists' Mustache Revival Society: George Parros. 


Happy Mustache Wednesday, Motherfuckers!