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The worst hit we've ever seen is still Junior Rosegreen going helmet to helmet on Reggie Brown. The hit marks the only time we thought we were watching someone's very visible spirit evicted from their body because, for the span of about five seconds, everyone watching thought Brown had died on the field

Quentin Coryatt's complete arrest of any forward momentum also makes the all-timer's pantheon of Great Moments In Concussion Farming, though we'd point out that this involves two men running at full speed on a pass play and a complete force transfer into the unfortunate receiver, who takes a direct 90 degree turn downward into his mid-game nap, which Coryatt thoughtfully scheduled for him without his knowledge. 

(And this...this is just assault.)

For Newtonian transfer at its most obvious and dramatic, though, The Hit reigns supreme. Tony Dorsett met Oklahoma safety Scott Hill in a 46-10 blowout in Norman on a run to the left side. It ended well for one player. 

My God, that's beautiful. Are we holding up our son right now to the screen and playing this over and over again while tickling him and feeding him whole teaspoons of sugar at a time in a reversal of the Ludovico Treatment? Why yes. Yes we are.