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This week's Mustache Wednesday Mustache of the day comes via commenter RanchyBalls, who is himself a daredevil of sorts who fills his days with ultrarunning escapades through Death Valley and his nights with an endless stream of appreciative ladies. 

This week's choice won the Triple Crown of F1 driving, was a top-flight rower, and died the way all rock stars of the world should: in a fiery plane crash. Monty Python name checked him in a skit about the head of John the Baptist doing an imitation of race car, and that is enough to make Graham Hill an obvious choice on merit alone, and that's before you see the hellacious, aerodynamic, and absolutely dashing mustache on the man: 


That's so real your lip might have just doubled follicle production just to emulate the slickness you see here. HAPPY MUSTACHE WEDNESDAY, MOTHERFUCKERS.