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We talked to a trainer once who'd worked at a large school (rhymes with Mo-fi-oh Crate) and at an Ivy's football program. He said the differences were simple: the players at the large school could do anything you asked them to do physically but often had to be told said thing a hundred times, while Ivy players knew precisely what you wanted them to do but couldn't do it. He also said the ivy Leaguers framed poor friends* for their murder of girlfriends in sexual episodes gone awry, while elite recruits simply ate them while crying. 


(This picture is relevant. We promise.)

So we read this with great excitement, then: 

With hip-hop music blasting, the offense was lined up two yards away from the goal line. When the offense scored, the unit mobbed the ball-carrier and taunted the defense. When the defense made a goal-line stand, the group retuned the favor.

Practice like you play, boys. If Pac-10 refs remains Pac-10 refs, they will either immediately begin strafing the offending team with a flamethrower, or begin strafing the non-offending team with a flamethrower, and you wouldn't know which because the Pac-10 has been using blind dadaist circus performers for referees for years. But seriously: USC's going to get a taunting penalty this fall, both because most athletes aren't bright enough to shake off habits selectively, and because Lane Kiffin doesn't give a shit. Period. 

*We kid! Ivy Leaguers have no poor friends.