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GLAD WE SAVED THIS ONE FROM HISTORY'S SCRAPHEAP. Game film from Syracuse/Nebraska in 1983, a nailbiting affair filled with action and a heroic late score to ensure that the Orangemen only lost by 56 points.

As the always savvy Youtube commenter points out, "LOL GAY." We're sorry, that's "LOL guys at 3:44," who do run into each other headlong after Nebraska scores their zillionth TD of the day. Fortunately, our children now have this gem in digital form to watch for all of eternity, reminding them that Syracuse football agony did not begin with Gerg Robinson, or perhaps end with him LOL! 

EXPANSIONISH: BHGP points to Frank the Tank's stellar work on the economics of the Big Ten's expansion policy,and how it's all about viewers for the "vampire squid wrapped around the face" of college football humanity, the Big Ten Network. (BTN: Sponsored by ProDigital, the typewriter old people hook up to their computers in order to give them a user-friendly interface that does not terrify them with beeps and bloops.) Gobbler Country cites Rousseau (and sharks,) Brian goes batshit on the possible expansion scenarios, and this is probably the simplest and best explanation of the entire conference realignment scrum, especially the big bold "CANNIBALISM." 

MMMM GAP DEFENSE. Guest post by Jerry Gordon over at Smart Football, and oh if you love gap defense and things sliding into holes, you'll love this piece, especially since it analyzes the sexiest classic matchup this side of defending the option: lining up in an under front against an I-formation with a tight end. (Put pants back on if in public, football geeks; if not, lower pants and proceed.)

I THOUGHT I SMELLED DEER URINE: Jimbo Fisher, doing Clarksburg, West Virginia proud in discussing the mostly empty coaches tower once snoozed in patrolled by Bobby Bowden. 

The tower isn't getting much use now. On the first day of spring drills, Fisher joked he would practice bow shooting from the tower and maybe "make it a deer stand."

Bows, our ass. Real men use their bare fucking hands. 

POINTS TO BE ASSESSED LATER, BUT: Vondrell McGee did make a bold move down the Texas depth chart by getting a misdemeanor DWI, ensuring that Fozzy Whittaker will have the opportunity to seize the starting job, take the field, and then sprain his ankle in warmups. In other Fulmer Cupdates, we're all but certain we missed an arrest by Minnesota, meaning they're clearly in the lead at this point for the title. Oh, and...

CLEVER GIRLS. The Ragin' Cajuns arrested for growing weed? It was on their balcony. 

WE'RE SURE THAT WAS THE REASON. Rick Neuheisel says Pete Carroll didn't want to run zone pressures against offenses that used mobile quarterbacks, and sort of glides over the whole "bored as shit and getting old" thing as a motivation for leaving USC.